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The fact that people think this shit is funny.

"My eyes always tell the truth, don’t ever forget that."
- 10 Word Story #14, Kayla

"Five people I know committed in the last two years."
- 10 Word True Story #13, Kayla


Guys they can be about anything!

Honest hour




3: 3 Fears

4: 3 things I love

5: 4 turns on

6: 4 turns off

7: My best friend

8: Sexual orientation

9: My best first date

10: How tall am I

11: What do I miss

12: What time were I born

13: Favorite color

14: Do I have a crush

15: Favorite quote


So my followers should ask me things..

"And my scratch marks are still on your back, love."
- 10 Word Story #12, Kayla

"Don’t chase the ones who repeatedly leave you for trash."
- 10 Word Story #11, Kayla

"My favorite part is falling in love with you again."
- 10 Word Story #10, Kayla

There’s a reason girls change
their hair after a breakup, and
it has something to do with the
way blood can’t be scrubbed out
of carpet. It has something to do
with how the places where
terrible things happen all have
shrines built on them. It has
something to do with the way
you see the ghost of them
everywhere, even looking at
yourself in the mirror.
Rebeka Anne, needing one thing that you haven’t touched.  (via her0inchic)

This is so entirely true.